Tuesday, April 26, 2011

"Can you beard me now?"

 so ladies... I am sorry about this post but I can't pass up the opportunity to accessorize {yes, i made this shirt with spray paint and a stencil}

 some "fashion" bloggers can accessorize their wrists, necklines, hair, shirts, shoes, nails and skirts... now finally here is a blog about accessorizing your face.

the retro 80's/X-men

this would be a great  prĂȘt-a-porter {that means ready to wear... for the laypersons} for a country and western night on the town

 if you dont believe me, here is the full view, if that doesn't work at least you'll look dang tough.

for the "Urban" cowboy, you can change it up a bit, you know, like for church.

 and for the celebrity in you, why not look like one. my name might not be "Earl" but I sure do look like him... all from accessorizing!

 When all else fails go old school... or ladies, if you're brave enough put on some jeggings or leather pants and go all Freddie Mercury... after all the bands name was Queen... be one!
{i stole this patent-pending pose from sister#2}

 or go International with a "freedom" look {freedom means French}

~Husband #1