Tuesday, April 26, 2011

"Can you beard me now?"

 so ladies... I am sorry about this post but I can't pass up the opportunity to accessorize {yes, i made this shirt with spray paint and a stencil}

 some "fashion" bloggers can accessorize their wrists, necklines, hair, shirts, shoes, nails and skirts... now finally here is a blog about accessorizing your face.

the retro 80's/X-men

this would be a great  prĂȘt-a-porter {that means ready to wear... for the laypersons} for a country and western night on the town

 if you dont believe me, here is the full view, if that doesn't work at least you'll look dang tough.

for the "Urban" cowboy, you can change it up a bit, you know, like for church.

 and for the celebrity in you, why not look like one. my name might not be "Earl" but I sure do look like him... all from accessorizing!

 When all else fails go old school... or ladies, if you're brave enough put on some jeggings or leather pants and go all Freddie Mercury... after all the bands name was Queen... be one!
{i stole this patent-pending pose from sister#2}

 or go International with a "freedom" look {freedom means French}

~Husband #1

Monday, February 14, 2011

Living V-Day everyday...

  Valentines Day is great but I live this day everyday. 

Ten years ago today I went on a date with the most beautiful girl in the world.  Even though she was young and inmature (okay maybe just young I was the inmature one) I could of spent the rest of my life with her..  And I will.  I haven't been perfect, but she has loved me like I am.  Eternity is as long as we have, but even eternity isnt long enough... 

Do your feet hurt, did you fall from heaven, cuz you've been running through my mind all day....
 and my mind dont mind.....

WOW! She's beautiful

WOW!!!! They have over 500 follwers!

AND........... WOW, WOW,WOW!!!

I hate to speak for other people, or say I told you so (actually who am i kidding i love to say it) but i know that Husb#2 feels the same....

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Tutorial: How to decorate your desk at work

A few months ago I told Sophie how boring my desk was at work. Soon after she bought be a few things for it. Here is what I was given.

The first item I'd like to show you is the Zheng Garden. I don't understand yet why they call it a garden. Do you see any plants? And who was Zheng? I'm guessing he lived in a desert and was a geologist. Even though there aren't any plants I thoroughly enjoy raking the white sand and strategically placing the stones.

Sophie gave me this item a few months ago. It's a paper weight that you can put a picture in. I kept the original picture though. Maybe it reminds me of how we as americans cherish dogs sometimes more than people. Thanks Sarah Mclachlan for inspiring me to invest my money in such a noble cause.

After these two items. I decided to add some more things:

You can't go wrong with a helicopter pen! That's right, the propeller is a pen. It also weighs about as much as a bowling ball....

I don't really know how these ended up on my desk. How do they bend the glass like that though?

This was one of the first decorations at my desk. After someone sat on my desk and broke it, the yellow pages became useful for the first time since the internet was invented.


For the last month and after hours of staring at the Zheng garden I still don't have an answer to one of life's most important question. What is his original nature?!?! 

Monday, February 7, 2011

now you are set up.. lets get to sleep

As you can tell from below, Husb. #2 knows exactly how to refurbish, and design a couch!!!  WHY go through all that trouble you ask???  Well let me jump right in and explain.....
The Snuggie is essential to the safety of the microfiber, in case of an eat/sleep/eat break happens (the leopard print is just so this season, oh i miss the summer)...

What about you bloggers that dont have the size couch you have always dreamt of???  Some couches are big enough for a spread eagle arm-span, but only enough room down low for a small bag of doritos and one leg...
You can see I also have had this problem at times. This is where you cant be afraid to be creative. 
the use of the couch and ottoman together has been a choice of ours for years.

So remember if you can see it, you can design it..

Please comment below and tell us what you think....
If you have any doubts-TELL ME I DONT LOOK NICE AND SNUGG!!!

Couch bed

Making the perfect couch bed is an art. It involves the right couch with the right size and firmness. It also needs to have some good blankets. Here is an example on how to build a couch bed.

First you need the couch. I prefer a brown microfiber sectional from RC Willey, but you decide.

With the perfect couch you need some sweet blankets. I use a leopard print snuggie as a solid base.

With the snuggie underneath I use a feathered down comforter smoothered in a night black duvet cover from Ikea.

After all is set up it's time to lay back, eat some pizza and watch some sportscenter.