Monday, February 7, 2011

Couch bed

Making the perfect couch bed is an art. It involves the right couch with the right size and firmness. It also needs to have some good blankets. Here is an example on how to build a couch bed.

First you need the couch. I prefer a brown microfiber sectional from RC Willey, but you decide.

With the perfect couch you need some sweet blankets. I use a leopard print snuggie as a solid base.

With the snuggie underneath I use a feathered down comforter smoothered in a night black duvet cover from Ikea.

After all is set up it's time to lay back, eat some pizza and watch some sportscenter.


  1. Amazing tutorial Husb. #2.. And to think I almost went to bed without reading this... I can look forward to a great nights sleep now...Thanx!!!

    p.s. Are you doing any give aways????

  2. This is seriously hysterical...i am laughing so much right now!

  3. LO freaking L! You two are freaking hysterical! Keep it up! I love the mockery and sarcasm. ;)