Monday, February 14, 2011

Living V-Day everyday...

  Valentines Day is great but I live this day everyday. 

Ten years ago today I went on a date with the most beautiful girl in the world.  Even though she was young and inmature (okay maybe just young I was the inmature one) I could of spent the rest of my life with her..  And I will.  I haven't been perfect, but she has loved me like I am.  Eternity is as long as we have, but even eternity isnt long enough... 

Do your feet hurt, did you fall from heaven, cuz you've been running through my mind all day....
 and my mind dont mind.....

WOW! She's beautiful

WOW!!!! They have over 500 follwers!

AND........... WOW, WOW,WOW!!!

I hate to speak for other people, or say I told you so (actually who am i kidding i love to say it) but i know that Husb#2 feels the same....


  1. wow, love this cory. especially the picture of Selina's hiney.

  2. Okay Cory, tell me, or warn me to get a kleenex box next time. I know that you and husband number two are not perfect, but someday I want to find a humble ,good guy like my son in laws.
    Love Mother number two

  3. awe sweetie! you are such a sugar... except that booty picture, you are in big honkin' trouble for that one BIG trouble!

    i love you sweet goofy boy!


  4. OK, I'm confused. Who's married to who (or is it whom?????????????????)