Monday, February 7, 2011

now you are set up.. lets get to sleep

As you can tell from below, Husb. #2 knows exactly how to refurbish, and design a couch!!!  WHY go through all that trouble you ask???  Well let me jump right in and explain.....
The Snuggie is essential to the safety of the microfiber, in case of an eat/sleep/eat break happens (the leopard print is just so this season, oh i miss the summer)...

What about you bloggers that dont have the size couch you have always dreamt of???  Some couches are big enough for a spread eagle arm-span, but only enough room down low for a small bag of doritos and one leg...
You can see I also have had this problem at times. This is where you cant be afraid to be creative. 
the use of the couch and ottoman together has been a choice of ours for years.

So remember if you can see it, you can design it..

Please comment below and tell us what you think....
If you have any doubts-TELL ME I DONT LOOK NICE AND SNUGG!!!


  1. yes sweetie.. you do look snugg... as a bug in a rug...


  2. Cory, this is pure genius. Your creativity with comfort in mind is amazing.
    Love Ma