Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Tutorial: How to decorate your desk at work

A few months ago I told Sophie how boring my desk was at work. Soon after she bought be a few things for it. Here is what I was given.

The first item I'd like to show you is the Zheng Garden. I don't understand yet why they call it a garden. Do you see any plants? And who was Zheng? I'm guessing he lived in a desert and was a geologist. Even though there aren't any plants I thoroughly enjoy raking the white sand and strategically placing the stones.

Sophie gave me this item a few months ago. It's a paper weight that you can put a picture in. I kept the original picture though. Maybe it reminds me of how we as americans cherish dogs sometimes more than people. Thanks Sarah Mclachlan for inspiring me to invest my money in such a noble cause.

After these two items. I decided to add some more things:

You can't go wrong with a helicopter pen! That's right, the propeller is a pen. It also weighs about as much as a bowling ball....

I don't really know how these ended up on my desk. How do they bend the glass like that though?

This was one of the first decorations at my desk. After someone sat on my desk and broke it, the yellow pages became useful for the first time since the internet was invented.


For the last month and after hours of staring at the Zheng garden I still don't have an answer to one of life's most important question. What is his original nature?!?! 


  1. Brent, I had no idea there were so many options when decorating a desk. You inspire me. I love the indoor garden idea, so soothing on a stressful day. Love Mom

  2. Came over here from "Sisters 4..." and it's uncanny that you and my hubby both accessorize your workspace with hoes from Malawi. Maybe you happen to work at the same place, hmm.